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  • Tomb of Horror PT 2

    The PC had some trouble navigating the tomb and regretable they stepped through a portal that took all their gear and left them naked at the entrance!. With much effort they ripped the gems from said portal and used them on the gargoyle statue and then …

  • Tomb of Horror PT 4

    another week of trudging through the ultra slow paced tomb of horrors, the group will have a long wait to go back at it and find their gear, as we'll not play this adventure again until the new year

  • Grimm Hammerslayer

    Grimm Hammerslayer, an original member of the CDC is a devout of the War god Crom! In a final battle with his hated enemy Sarzec, the veils of time and space were ripped and Grimm and his party awoken in a strange land with many of their memories gone. …

  • Hemlock Hornedowl

    In the last epic battle with Sarzec, the mighty Hemlock and the CDC where transported through space and time. They awoke in a haze but with Hornedowls ultra fucking awesome survival skills they made thier way to Hommlet and met some cool mid level clones. …

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