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Sneaky Tent Theif

another one bites the dust

After the group finished up beneath the tresendor manor, they headed back to town and filled Sildar in on the Iarno “Glasstaff” situation. After poking around the town some more, they couldn’t find the location of Cragmaw Castle, but did find out that someone is poking around at the old owl well and orcs had moved into Wyvren Tor. The group found that a Red Wizard of Thay was camped out at the old owl well and he was researching the ruins. With some clever roleplaying the halfling snuck into his tent and stole alot of his valuables, before departing and heading to Wyvren Tor to take care of the orcs. The Tor was filled with a bunch of orcs and a ogre, and the lanky wizard Fuzz lost his life, but the orcs where dealt with.


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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