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Gragmaw Hideout

New DND is brutal

The group moved up the path to investigate the wear-abouts of Grunden and Sildar when they came across a goblin den. Without much thinking the group fought a few goblins then entered the hideout and saw a chimmeny and scrambled up. They where taken by surprise by a nasty Bugbear named Klarg and his wolf. As a result the fighter Tanukus (played by Rob) was killed and Mitchell’s mage was taken captive. The party regrouped and headed into Cragmaw hidout again, and where set upon by more goblins as they didn’t have a very solid plan for infiltrating the hideout. The elf rogue (played by Travis) was killed but the party managed to free Mitchell and Sildar whom was also held captive, and kill all the goblins and their bugbear leader. Now the group hopes to head to Phandalin to find out more on the whereabouts of their dwarven patron Gundren.


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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