Orthug Slobber-Jaw

Half-Orc, Male Fighter, Age 16, Hgt 6'3", 265lbs, Black Hair, Blood Red Eyes, Apperance: Big, Mean & Nasty


Strength 19
Dexterity 13
Constitution 18
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 10
Charisma 6
Level 6
Notable Equipment Ioun stone +1 to AC/ Ioun Stone +1 to Charisma/ Morning Star +2 (Mourning Glory)/ Long Bow +1


Taken away at a young age and raised under the command of the warload Kytar, at his complex. Often thrown to sleep in the dog pens because of his hitious orcish apperance and bad temper. Can not turn down a fight and always wants to be the first one in battle.
After getting free’d by a jungle witch of the spell Kytar’s wizard Xeron cast on him and the rest of the BBB, he decided it was time move on from being one of Kytar’s thugs and start his own adventuring party. After making his way out of the jungle, he led the BBB across the desert to Amon-Set’s Tomb. Once inside he was greeted by Thoth-set Snake priests, who led him to Morning Glory on their way to meet Thoth-Set. After making his way thought the tomb, He come up on Amon-Set talking with Xeron. They battled till Amon-Set could handle no more and teleported away, but not before casting a curse on the BBB before he was gone.
After the tomb started to collapse he gathered his party and led them back to the enterance, where he discovered an anceant city. But inbetween was a storm raining down magic missiles. After he sent one of his peons across and noticed that they had a better chance if they all went together.
Once reaching the city, they were meet by a young girl named Realm. Realm told them they were in the Abyss inside Amon-Set’s curse. She lead them to the Staff of Ilmater, before being jumped by a few mummys and zombies, but Orthug made quick work of them, but the elemental put up a little more of a challege. They passed from the slumbs of the city to a little more upkept district after a sand storm passed them by.
There his party found Realm as a 15 year old girl this time and she gave them the Tomb of Ilmater. He fought ewewings, more mummys, decompsing mass’ and more. The Battle was so grueling that Morning Glory cracked under the pressure leaving the party flee from a pyre.
The group then pressed on toward the center of the city where a huge black marble citadel stood infront of them protected by a giant force field. They met Realm once again, this time as a 25 year old woman, and she explained to them how she was a member of the Hidden Daggers, and it was her mission to marry Amon-Set and assasinate him. She give the BBB some more weapons and item before they marched opon the citadel. After getting ambushed by a bunch of gast’s and their ghoul minions, they got overrun by a hord of zombies, then the boss’ decided it was time to finish the BBB off. The ghoul lord slinked around almost paralizing members at will, but once he was killed his followers fell soon after, next was the Thoth-Set snake mummy priest who caused some trouble before he was smitted to the ground. With only some zombies left there was only Amon-Set’s captain decked out in all black Thoth-Set full plate mail. He cast several fireballs on Orthug and his party members but their will did not break and they defeated him, hopefully to find their way through the force field into the citadel and find an end to this curse.

Orthug was commited to semi-slavery at a young age at the hands of the powerful warlord Kytar. In an effort to break free of these bonds he and his party the Broken Bow Band travelled to an ancient city and was sent to another plane as part of a powerful curse. With the efforts of the BBB the curse was lifted but instead of returning to their home the BBB was transported to a strange land…and then they found their way to Hommlet.

Orthug Slobber-Jaw

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