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White Plume PT 2

Split the Party

As the Characters delve deeper into the weird wizard gone mad dungeon, the party became somewhat split. Cinnamon Whiskey lagged behind and couldn’t answer the Spinx riddle and it attacted him and he was rendered unconsious. Whitebase, Dude and the Monk (forget his name) moved forward past the spinning cylinder and made way to the guardians Burke and the werewolf Snaria. Spells caused these three some problems but ultimatley they defeated these two foes. Raycoth became charmed by the mysterious kelpie and was not much use to the party at first and Hammerslayer moved past the metal doors to find a strange underwater bubble that was home to a giant crab and a treasure chest. After the werewolf was taken care of the party toke a short rest and Raycoth snapped out of the charm but when the party tried to move past the water to help Cinnamon, Hammerslayer and Whitebase where both charmed and ordered to kill Raycoth. After multiple HP raising spells Dude killed the kelpies and the charms where broken and Cinnamon was saved (but let it be noted this is conterversal.) With Cinnamon saved the group moved to the crab room and Dude unwisely fired an arrow and burst the bubble,, but because of the quick reflex’s of the monk the chest contents where saved and battle with the Crab beast avoided. THe group then moved left, then right, then left, and then right again to a room with 9 hanging globes that held some interesting trinkets. One of the three magic weapons has been recovered (Wave) What next?


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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