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White Plume Complete


The group continued its way through the weird tunnels beneath White Plume. The Paladin was killed when the rest of his group moved on and he couldn’t find a way past the burning plates. The frictionless room proved to much for him (did the DM move him to far on his turn or did the group leave him behind to his death?). The 2 mages found a key on the murderer Bluto and it showed them a hidden secret door that lead to a strange Ogre Magi. The Ogre told them a wizard named Sarzec had taken the last item Blackrazor.
The 2 mages then flew the corpse of Ivan Slicenov to Hommlet where it was raised by the cleric Grizlack. A new roguish companion was met and chosen to head to the trap filled Tomb of Horrors. His name Theodosus. The group made their way east to the location of the tomb of horrors and stopped to the Dragon Stone Inn on the way. While they tried to rest they where attacked by Shelligan an old enemy of the Clogged Door Company. She came prepared with 10 cultist whom turned the Inn workers into ghoulish undead, and 5 Lich’s.


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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