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wheres my armor, i need a bath, and you might lose a hand...

The group finally made it to Phandalin, and collected their 10gp reward for delivering the goods to Barthen’s Provisions. They then quickley headed to the local Inn for some rest and to possibly find the wereabouts of their patron Gundren. While they could not discover the location of Gundren they did discover that the new town is under constant bullying from a group of thugs known as the Redbrands. Also, Sildar explains that he seeks out a companion, a wizard known as Iarno. James and Dana decided to head over to the Sleeping Giant taphouse to partake in some gambling and see more about this group the Redbrands. They had a clever rouse of appearing to be drunk but when they arrived, 4 ruffians from the Redbrands demanded their coin and would not let them enter. A fight ensued and lucky for the fighter and wizard their companions Rob and MItchell where close behind to help out in the fight. The group then headed to Tresendor Manor to find Glasstaff (the Redbrands leader) and put a stop to the thugs hold on the town. Once there they stumbled upon a wizards lab that could only belong to this Glasstaff character. But Glasstaff made off as he knew the group was coming…


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