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New Character Sheet

DM needs help

The new character sheet is way better, but it has all the new shit on it that we won’t use just yet. The new sheet is very mobile friendly (so Wizards says). In PDF form you can enter all your shit on the computer…TRUST ME THIS IS AWESOME, YOU CAN PRINT YOUR CHARACTER OR HAVE IT ON YOUR PHONE.

I was asked how you could help me the DM the last few weeks and the best way would be to be always have your character up to date. Have a way to get the playtest downloads, or the stuff I bring on paper, and use them so your character is always kickin ass. I have a printer so I can print shit you guys want, and cards (free) so put your stuff on those.

Check the adventure log when you miss a night then you don’t have to ask WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

Last guys, when we do finish with Dragon Mountain and change to the new playtest, don’t give me shit when I change your characters. Help me by changing them yourself and updating them yourself. This would help SO MUCH.


JeffAtkinson JeffAtkinson

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