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Broken Bow Band
Character Set 2 Broken Bow Band

The group began as young men whom had grown up as captives of the warlord Kytar. Kytar gave the PC a bunch of lesser tasks to complete and then sent them north to a massive jungle to search for a discovered Temple. Kytars enchanter Xeron cast a geas on the group and sent them forth. The Broken Bow band found the town of Annigfar and the geas was removed by a Shaman named Quemain. The PC then decided to continue to the Temple which turned out to be a temple to the god Thoth-Set. Also, the BBB discovered the temple had been visited by Ronman soldiers and a powerful lich Sarzec. Sarzec removed a large artifact from the temple and the PC freed a few of the Argonian slaves as well as discovering a cult lead by a Hebi-No-Onna underneath the temple. They also learned that the large star in the sky will soon blink out releasing the long dead Emporer of the lands. Will the BBB find their way out of the Annigfar jungle and try and find the temple of the fallen Emporer or go their own way?

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BBB can stand for Broken Bow Band or Bruce Brown Band


Will the BBB find their way out of the Annigfar jungle and try and find the temple of the fallen Emporer or go their own way?
**Thoth set2

Annigfar to the Desert
annigfar to the jungle

The PC found their way from the jungle to the desert and found the ancient city, as well as Amon-Set’s tomb. Amon-Set was communicating with Kytars enchanter Xeron about Kytar’s army. Amon-Set then teleported away and the PC made quick work of the beasties inside the tomb. Then a totally stupid arguement on infravision occured. Will Amon-Set simply let the PC walk away form his ancient tomb… doubtful.

Amon-Set's Abyssal Curse
Stage 1

As the PC gathered themselves inside Amon-Set’s ancient tomb, an curse was placed upon them by Amon-Set that sent them to another plane. They Discovered a city after fleeing a storm of magic missile that rained from the sky. The city was completely empty of life and seems to have been overrun with some sort of plague or disease. The only living being they met was a small girl named Realm whom lead them to a powerful Staff left behind by a murdered Priest of Ilmater, whom was trying to help Realm and her family but was murdered by Amon-Sets Soldiers and Priests. Realm was then brutally killed in a battle with a mummy and it’s abyssal lackeys. Who was Realm and why was she the only one left in the city? What other horrors does the dead city hold for the PC and can they escape the CURSE OF AMON-SET?

Amon-Set's Abyssal Curse Pt2
Stage 2

Amon setAs the party gathered themselves from the first stage of Amon-Sets Curse a large sandstorm rose up and overwhelmed the PC. As the storm dissipated, they found themselves further into the ancient city of Amon-Set where they met Realm once again in an Inn once owned by a Priest of Ilmater. This time Realm was a 15 year old girl and once again helped the PC. But alas the curse raged on, and Realm was killed once again. The PC battled failed Lich’, Elementals, hoardes of zombies, stange whip toating ghosts, and the cleric had an epic battle with an Spectre in a haunted church.
The Staff of Ilmater was in good use as afew of the BBB were slain, and the Critical Chart was burned into the lowest bowels of the Abyss!!

Amon-Set's Abyssal Curse Pt3
As taken from the mind of Orthug Slobber-Jaw

The group then pressed on toward the center of the city where a huge black marble citadel stood infront of them protected by a giant force field. They met Realm once again, this time as a 25 year old woman, and she explained to them how she was a member of the Hidden Daggers, and it was her mission to marry Amon-Set and assasinate him. She give the BBB some more weapons and item before they marched opon the citadel. After getting ambushed by a bunch of gast’s and their ghoul minions, they got overrun by a hord of zombies, then the boss’ decided it was time to finish the BBB off. The ghoul lord slinked around almost paralizing members at will, but once he was killed his followers fell soon after, next was the Thoth-Set snake mummy priest who caused some trouble before he was smitted to the ground. With only some zombies left there was only Amon-Set’s captain decked out in all black Thoth-Set full plate mail. He cast several fireballs on Orthug and his party members but their will did not break and they defeated him, hopefully to find their way through the force field into the citadel and find an end to this curse.

Isle of Dread TPK
total party kill

guess the guys weren’t ready for the ultra old school adventure Isle of Dread. I’ve never Dm’d a total party kill…until now

the second party
more isle of dread

Realizing that the first party that went out to discover the island was not coming back the motley crew of Helga the female dwarf fighter, the high elf wizard, and Grognack the Barbarian set out to see if they could find the missing members of the shipwrech. They travelled south to the settlement of Tanaora but where denied entry due to the ignorant way the locals where treated by the previous party. Then the group hugged the coast for several days until on the west side of the island they decided to head to the middle of the island. They soon stumbled upon a huge nest upon a hill that appeared to have treasure woven inside of it, which it did but the 2 roc’s that roost there where not pleased and one swooped in for attack but was killed by the brave adventurers. The group had also ealier discovered that the former party had died but a strange mystery was found instead of their bodies inside the baboon cave. What is the meaning of the strange feline humanoid body they found instead of their companions and is there a connection with the large sabre tooth cats the group befriended?


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