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Starter Set Ordered
Do your part

Just ordered the started set and it should be on my door when I arrive home, thanks to DAR. The starter set sets up the campaign setting for the Forgotten Realms Tyranny of Dragons which we will play through (levels 1-20 JAMES!). Do your part the basic rules will be available for download on July 15th or earlier so stay tuned to the Wizards of the Coast/Dungeons and Dragons website to find out when you can download it for free. I’ll expect everyone to have downloaded or at least looked at it when we get back so we can start playing right away. Also, I’ll print a copy of the basic rules for the table!

DND starter set

When the basic rules release on July 15th they’re not gonna have alot of stuff for DM’s so I think I’ll wait until the PHB comes out to continue my home brew campaign, and pick up the starter set which runs an campaign from levels 1- 5 with the basic rules while we wait for the juicy shit to come out. Also, there are 2 boxed sets coming in August and September that are set in the Forgotten Realms and the starter set is aimed as a start for them so we’ll do those also. 2 campaigns one in my home brew world, and starting when the starter set and basic rules are released in July in the Forgotten Realms.

Character Update
nights we have more than 5 players

For the nights Kurt or Charlie or anyone else plays we’ll use this campaign, and characters need to be brought up to date. Not that hard the only thing to do is
1. Spell DC now start at 8 instead of 10
2. Pick skills based on your class
3. Proficiency Bonus
4. Spell Progression different
5. Multiclassing available
The first night we play this campaign we’ll adjust characters

On to Isle of Dread
epic battle

The group just couldn’t let Gillgabeebee get away and James, Charlie, Rob and Travis took the fight to the enemy. However, in the end James was turned to stone and his constant companion Charlie had to gather him up and retreat. The Paladin was badly hurt and outnumbered and retreat seemed good to him as well but not without a little guilt because the Rogue was boarding the small ship so the chase for Shelligans ship could continue!

Tomb of Horror Complete/Shelligans Ship
moving on

The PC encounter the ancient Demi-lich and its ghost and things went badly. Grimm, Hemlock, and Dude lost their souls in an epic battle and their equipment was also lost. We mourn their loss and the survivors gained 2 levels. Then some more PC moved on the retrieve Shelligans ship but… its a trap. Gillgabeebee sent the letter and awaiting the party where two ships, 3 beholders, some hill giants and a bunch of pirates. The fight was chaotic and Gillgabeebee’s forces boarded 2 larger ships and made way for the Isle of Dread….

Tomb of Horror Final
2 more rooms

There are but 2 rooms left undiscovered in the Tomb (and we all know what that means), we finish it on Thursday and immediately move on to Shelligans ship. Be there as soon as possible and be prepared to play late and fast- Cory just be yourself, Travis get there early, Kurt go out and come back in again, James don’t pass out before 10, Dana don’t leave before 10, Jeff don’t smoke any dope, Charlie get them spells ready.


Tomb of Horror PT 4

another week of trudging through the ultra slow paced tomb of horrors, the group will have a long wait to go back at it and find their gear, as we’ll not play this adventure again until the new year

Tomb of Horror PT 3
more of the same

The party continued to pick its way through the dangerous traps and magical doors of the deadly crypt of the Demi-Lich Acererk. Some gear was found and now it seems the party has a better chance, but still dangers remain.

Tomb of Horror PT 2
Where the fuck is my stuff?

The PC had some trouble navigating the tomb and regretable they stepped through a portal that took all their gear and left them naked at the entrance!. With much effort they ripped the gems from said portal and used them on the gargoyle statue and then they tried to vaccuum the floor with its arm. They did eventually find the gem of seeing the statue produced and made their way to the temple area of the tomb and alittle beyond. Will they regain their gear? or will the difficulties of the tomb prove to much…

Tomb of Horror PT 1
1,000 XP

1000 xp to whomever writes the best adventure log of the fuck mess we call DND last night… I have not the effort within me.

Rob wrote an adventure log but it didn’t go through, so here it is in a nutshell. Shelligan and her band of undead retreated from Dragon Statue INN to the cemetery where they went beneath a tomb. Inside her lich’s brought down a strange barrier that protected the entrance to the fabled TOMB OF HORRORS. Then the PC made their way down to bring the fight. A disentergrate spell and chain lightning spell later and Shelligan was a pile of dust, making her way into the HALL OF FAME. The PC then entered the portal into the Tomb of Horror. The hallway had colorful stones on the floor, but the red ones seem to lead to the end of the hallway. The walls had strange paintings on them and the PC spotted a secret door behind one of the paintings, that also had a pit trap right underneath it. The new rogue (Two fingers) disarmed this trap and the PC moved into a room with multiple doors that just seemed to make a circle around the area.


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