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The Shattered Circle PT 4
PT 4

ChitineNot much happened this time, however, James (Human Wizard) was almost killed by Raptors, and the PC discovered yet a third layer of dungeons under the shattered circle. And Strobe Lights and Crack Needles?!? where present

The Shattered Circle PT 3
PT 3

Well this will be short cause I drank alittle to much and can’t remember too much! The PC Took care of the Body of Kurt Gray by burning him where he lay which was pretty much the only option.. Then they went down a level in the dungeon and discovered a web hive of the 4 armed crack addicted humanoid. Then I think there was something about a Salt Mummy and Charlie and Cory gained a level….thats all I remember.

Under the Shattered Circle PT 2
PT 2

THe PC moved on through the underground complex and Travis recovered the harp (I forget it’s fuckin name0. He gave the harp to Dana and Dana entered the room Cory and James disappeared into. Dana appeared in this room also and the skull spoke to him giving him a choice of test of wit or test of strife. For what unknown reason the group picked strife but they got through the ultra hard riddle and where rewarded a bag of holding. They cleared about 60% of the top layer of the complex and now are about to head down to level 2!

Under the Shattered Circle

The PC discovered that one of the stones atop the hill have fallen over revealing stone steps leading down into some sort of chamber. A blue haze lights all the rooms below and Dana (the hill dwarf barbarian) fell into a 10 foot pit trap firts thing! But not to worry shortly after Cory (hill dwarf cleric) fell into one as well and his trap contained spikes and the body of James brother the missing shepherd Kurt! Not to worry no serious injuries. One the left a locked door so James (human wizard) decides to cast knock which opens the door but is very loud, so that the Black Unicorn rumored to haunt the area shows up and immediatley the party attacks and kills it! The right door has a dragons face carved into it and strange blue haze spewing forth from the nostels. Travis (human ranger) opens it up to see what the fuck! Well this chamber narrows off and in the passage is a bad ass swinging blade trap that the party fucked with for the better part of an hour real time. During this time Travis character seemed to take a complete personaliy change and he started to act more like Wyatts characters used to for some strange reason?!?
Eventually Wyatt got beyond the trap to the next room that held an iron tripod with a aquamarine gem on it that could not be removed but gave him a cold jolt when he touched it or the tripod. Eventually James cast web upon the swinging blade stopping it for now.
Moving on the PC came to a room that is shapped like a 1d12 and in the center of the room was an alter with a riddle at which point James rubbed his hands with childish excitement. It gave the group 2 options go left to an open room with dirt on the floor or go down a 3ft hall with dirt on the floor. James and Cory went to the left and disappeared, into a square room with an iron skull in the wall. Travis/Wyatt crawled down the other hall and found a harp, but when he grabbed it it was attached to an arm that came from the earth… oh no! Rob (human Paladin of questionable Intelligence but much Charisma) stood back and scratched his head for he doesn’t like or understand riddles.
what will happen on the next episode of DND (Dopes N Drunks)
Black unicorn

Shattered Circle
down they go into the earth...again

The Pc travelled to the shepherd settlement of Novacohoff, and met the wizard Jacob Gray whom seemed to fit in with the noisey group of adventurers right away. The found a spot where the standing stone had fallen revealing stairs down into a dungeon. THe place is trapped and the guys are having a hard time with it so far!

Moathouse Cleared on to new Tasks
Missing in Novakohoff

The PC cleared the rest of the moathouse of undesirables, but not before the Dwarven Barbarian had a fist fight with a Priest whom was the leader of the bandits that lived there. He beat the man to death and liked it! The PC tried to sell some of their gear in Hommlet but with little success so they gathered some rumors and heard that a shepherd had gone missing to the north. Some stanting stones stand among the hills and have stode there for 1,000 of years and have never been the cause of worry until now. THe PC intend to investigate and find the missing man.

Into the Moathouse
friends made/ Friends killed

The PC got to stretch out their characters alittle this time with many gaining a level. They encountered 2 adventurers from town and then tried to kill them when they turned their backs! The party soon discovered a secret passage that lead down below the moathouse. A ogre soon kicked the shit out of the party(with some help from some zombies) so there is something strange going on under the moathouse. The Ogre took the PC prisoner to snack on later, and the PC where thrown into a room with some merchants and a bloody gnome. They soon made their escape and killed Lugdish the ogre, and then proceeded to destroy the zombies. What other dangers lay beneath the moathouse?

Classic Village of Hommlet
classic adventures

Everyone created a character except James and Curt because they weren’t there and we got a new addition to the party Garrett. First I’ll be starting everyone in the classic 1st edition village of hommlet and from there I will try and run some classic 1st and 2nd edition adventures until you reach level 20 or you all die. In the case of death you create a new character at half the level of the highest level character, or select on of the playtest pregens.

After we got underway the party wasted little time in hommlet and headed out to the abandoned moathouse afew miles away to investigate rumors of bandits. The party hardly got in the door and trouble insued!

the plateau
center of the isle of dread

Helga, the mage, and Grognack the Barbarian began to move inland and soon came to a large plateau at the center of the island. The 3 decided to climb the plateau as they came across a map showing that a village was located up there. Indeed after 8 hours of climbing the PC entered the crater of the plateau and made their way to the village of Mantru. This village fears a taboo island located on the western part of the lake. The PC agreed to help these poor villagers and and investigate the island which is inhabited by some devious humans. The PC enter a delapitated ruin and fought about 30 men and woman whom had taken up residence inside the ruins and where terrorizing the village of Mantru. What other secrets inhabit the old taboo ruins. We shall see…

the second party
more isle of dread

Realizing that the first party that went out to discover the island was not coming back the motley crew of Helga the female dwarf fighter, the high elf wizard, and Grognack the Barbarian set out to see if they could find the missing members of the shipwrech. They travelled south to the settlement of Tanaora but where denied entry due to the ignorant way the locals where treated by the previous party. Then the group hugged the coast for several days until on the west side of the island they decided to head to the middle of the island. They soon stumbled upon a huge nest upon a hill that appeared to have treasure woven inside of it, which it did but the 2 roc’s that roost there where not pleased and one swooped in for attack but was killed by the brave adventurers. The group had also ealier discovered that the former party had died but a strange mystery was found instead of their bodies inside the baboon cave. What is the meaning of the strange feline humanoid body they found instead of their companions and is there a connection with the large sabre tooth cats the group befriended?


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