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Encounters and NPC
Dragon MT

As the PC finish up with in Twin Forks what will they do? Follow Lothar to Colvin or will a new path branch off before they leave?
Talk to the NPC you need to and pick the path. Each mini quest has different and super hard encounters… I FEAR FOR YOU

Dragon MT PT 1
knock knock

The Party regrouped outside of Twin Forks to track down Lothar the Shiv. The found out he had a small house in the back of town and while half the party bathed and shopped the other half went to see if he was home. Knock Knock… no one home and the doors unlocked looked like Lothar made a getaway before the party could catch up with him. But Lothar left a welcoming committee that gave the party a hand full. Several members where close to death but in the end the party of adventurers prevailed and got afew magical items to boot. Then back at the Inn they meet a strange bard by the name of Julius whom new a girl with a tattoo that looked alot like Dragon MT so the PC headed to the Tattoo parlor and once again a fight broke out that was so chaotic I won’t reprint it here. Next step for the party is may head to Colvin to find Lothar…if the DM can stand it.

On to Dragon Mountian
we go

As all the new adventurers got to know each other and gather rumors in Hommlet, Hemlock Hornedowl, Allister Sleeman, and the Paladin Ivan Slicenov decided they would try the rumors of the plane shifting Dragon Mountian. First they headed west to the village Harker’s Ferry but where set upon by a pack of 20 DIRE WOLVES and where nearly killed. After finding out in Harker’s Ferry they needed to speak to a man by the name of Lothar the Shiv in Twins Forks, they headed that way with all haste. But the small group was going to fast and was ambushed by some brigands that gave them more than alittle trouble.
Which 3 adventurers will follow these 3 and meet them at Twins Fork to look for Lothar and the mystery of Dragon Mountian?

Hag in the Hills Final
All Done

The PC found the heart of Hag Mara’s cavren and demonic rituals and put a stop to her evil deeds. The Mountain has been purged of evil. Now the PC must head back to Midgard to collect their reward and from there…

…Meanwhile in Hommlet a bunch of adventurers have just settled into their new situations and they’ve been gathering rumors around town (which can bee seen on the home page or the Wiki) and must decide what to do with themselves (after the other PC arrive of course!)

Hag in the Hills PT 2
Beer spittin Rangers, and the Hit Points

Well Everybody gained a level on the way from the Druid Minmuls hut to the Mountain where the Hag Mara has made her home. Once inside the log cabin the PC where severly fooled by 4 mimics, be careful boys|! As they moved abit downward an underground pool was found to be inhabited by a Peg troll and her young but the group made short work of them. But in real life I had beer spit in my face, someone didn’t know that Europe played the Final Countdown, a beer was spilled, a beer erupted into a mini beercano, a WIZARD told me it was gay he only has 42 hit points at 6th level and a (back in game again) a barbarian was in such a fit of rage he decided to take it out on the door!

Hag in the Hills
Kill Me

Before our brave adventurers could leave the brigde after the battle with the female troll (of my creation based on European lore called Peg Powler)a Druid named Minmal came over the north hill in a panic. He was being chased by a Trolls, but the PC decided to help. Minmal told the party that a powerfurl Hag named Mara had a dwelling beside the mountian to the north and was somehow using the young girls from Midgard to summon succubus demons! A group of Ogres with about 15 girls in tow showed up heading from Midgard, the Pc easily killed the trolls but the girls where not what they seemed. They were clones of some sort and one of the girls was a Succubus demon. THe PC took care of this problem as well.

Then I busted out the old characters for everyone to see and something I never expected happened, James said kill my character I wanna play the old one…still can’t believe that one!

My Adventurer PT 1
Peg Powler

The Pc hit the village of Midgard, and spook with many of the residents. It was discovered that many of the young girls suffer from nightmares and have gone missing. THe PC have signed on to help the village solve the problem. That night a group of ogres attacked the village but the PC defeated them but not before Trolls made away with a young girl. The PC followed to an old bridge and river where the PC battled a shapechanging Female Troll called a Peg Powler. The Peg escaped but all the PC survived.

Shattered Circle Final

The PC discovered all the secrets of the underground dungeon, and recovered the foundingstone, which seems to have a mental control on the Dwarven Priest (Cory). All the PC gained a level and decided to head to Midgard and discover the mystery of the nightmares…

Whats Up

New Map uploaded… which means as soon as your finished with this dungeon, you must decide where to go.

There is no right or wrong answer, look at the map gather info or take a change and pick a direction.

I will have a rough version of the map wednesday, if we play!

Best not fuck around once out of the dungeon, encounters are HARDER

The Shattered Circle PT 5
PT 5

Better definition of long/short rest and how to spend hit dice with healers kit will be coming…this wednesday ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

THe group continued their search of the dungeon and discovered more prehistoric raptors which were more than a handful. A room with an iron door and 3 skulls provided a clue?! But a clue to what. Some potions where found and Rob (Paladin) gained a level.


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