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Dragon MT PT 11
Slugs, and traps

The group reunited with their Barbarian friend Orangebottom, and moved on through the Mountian, where they discovered that the kobolds in the Mountain have a clan and group system. And then about 150 more kobolds died!

New Character Sheet
DM needs help

The new character sheet is way better, but it has all the new shit on it that we won’t use just yet. The new sheet is very mobile friendly (so Wizards says). In PDF form you can enter all your shit on the computer…TRUST ME THIS IS AWESOME, YOU CAN PRINT YOUR CHARACTER OR HAVE IT ON YOUR PHONE.

I was asked how you could help me the DM the last few weeks and the best way would be to be always have your character up to date. Have a way to get the playtest downloads, or the stuff I bring on paper, and use them so your character is always kickin ass. I have a printer so I can print shit you guys want, and cards (free) so put your stuff on those.

Check the adventure log when you miss a night then you don’t have to ask WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

Last guys, when we do finish with Dragon Mountain and change to the new playtest, don’t give me shit when I change your characters. Help me by changing them yourself and updating them yourself. This would help SO MUCH.

Dragon MT PT 10
a forest in a Mountain

A forest inside a mountain… who would of thought? Well our brave adventurers saw it first hand when they entered the Elven Retreat section of the ambassadors hall. There was a crazy Treant whom almost got the party and hoards (like 200) of kobolds and some items where found. I would love to see anyone who got said items put them on the items section. Meanwhile the ranger, barbarian, and paladin wait for their turn at some adventure.

Dragon MT PT 9
Into the Mouth of the Mountain

THe Party made their way into the swamp to get the last piece of map from the Cleric Vyrnx, and while it proved quite difficult they pulled it off. With the amulet and the last piece of the map inhand their way only one thing left to do…
THe mountain is located to the north next to a village known as Glennhollow which has been undersiege by kobolds since the mountain appeared. The PC geared up and went up the side of the mountain to find an entrance which was huge Dwarven double doors.
Dana/Rob/Travis’ characters are all outside of the entrance while James/Charlie/Cory went into the entrance and had a pretty tough fight with 40 kobolds whom used poison tipped arrows.

When you leave the table if we are still playing your character will remain where he’s at until you show up to play again. I may make an exception for Rob when he comes back because he may been gone to long to try and make him find the group by himself. Depends on when he returns.

Dragon MT PT 5
getting closer

The PC finished up at Beleme and found that Cavious was under the Thrall of an evil Cleric whom has a shrine in a nearby swamp, and he has the last piece of the map. But first the PC returned to Gerdie and found that the last piece of the Amulet was in the mountains in a crypt of a legendary adventurer known as Belkar. Arriving at the crypt was easy and mowing through 2 Trolls, 5 Ghouls, 5 Ghasts, 20 Skeletons, and a Vampire seemed easy to. The Death Knight that was Belkar did provide a challenge but ultimatly the group was to much and they destroyed him to get the last piece and form the Amulet of Dragon Warding.

Dragon MT PT 4.5
Liberation of Beleme

The PC made their way to Beleme keep and it was apparent from the get go that Lord Cavious wasn’t himself, as he tried to steal one of the players map pieces. A fight broke out but the curse on Cavious was broken pretty quick and the cleric killed. But the questions remain how did this lower level cleric get Cavious under his thrall, and will he give the PC his piece of the map. We shall see…

Dragon MT PT 4
R.I.P Allister

The party decided to make their way to nearby Beleme to retrieve a piece of the map. On the road they encountered peasents whom warned of the danger of Beleme and its dark times. The Lord Cavious is cruel and rules with a heavy iron fist, and has imprisoned many of the residents of Beleme. Without fear, the part made their way down the road to a bridge that was guarded by a stone tower and gate wall. The tower and wall where protected by a ballista, 2 trolls, and 16 fighters. They lobbed arrows at the party with little success but when the party crossed the bridge things got more… interesting. The guards had dragged a unconsious Orangebottom into the stone tower as prisoner but Allister Sleeman would have none of it and entered after him, where he was surrounded by 3 fighters. Seeing no way out (but not thinking of his necklace of fireballs) he cast a fireball in the 20 by 20 room. One of the beads went off with the spell killing the mighty Alister Sleeman.

Dragon MT PT 3.5
only 3

Well despite the fact that there where only 3 players once again the party did quite well and Horndowl has now achieved level 8. The 2 Wizards and Ranger headed to Colvin to check in on Lothar only to miss him by a few minutes as he fled to sea. THe PC threw some coin around and got a ship to chase him down, but it seems Lothar had some watery friends in the shape of water elementals to get the PC off his tail. Their boat was damaged so they had to give up the chase and head back to shore where they where told Lothar had a pack with an water fiend that lived right under the docks. The PC went down their to see what was up and put the shit to the Water Fiend and found out that Lothar has paid a guy called Rankle the Black to give him a hideout in the city of Werchan. Now the PC must decide to go to Gerdie, head to Beleme for a piece of the map, or continue to search out Lothar in Werchan.

Dragon MT PT 3
Use the slots then pass out

The party made their way to Melchin’s Manor to retrieve the 2nd piece of the shard, and the grounds where overgrown with animated plants (designed to drain spells and potions which worked). Inside the Manor was rip with undead but the Paladin was hip to that detecting them. Then Melchins ghost possessed the Elven Mage but the Paladin drove him out while the Cleric destroyed all the undead minions. Eventually the ghost was defeated with great teamwork, and some awesome play by the cleric, and the Shard of Finding was found. Will the party head back to Gerdies to find where the last shard is or stop in Colvin to see what Lothar the Shiv has been up to.

Dragon MT PT 2
kick ass party

THe group met some caravan guards outside twin Forks Inn whom told them of Gerdie whom might know of Dragon MT. Gerdie promised to tell the PC more if they would get rid of the Hill Giants and Hydra that had a lair. This was easily done by the group, they basically made easy work of 2 hill giants and a 6 headed hydra. Back at Gerdie’s she told them the story of the Amulet of Dragon warding and where to find the first piece of it, at a shop in Shel’s Head. The group went their and got the Shard of Righting from Old Cud a retired adventurer. Gerdie then used Divinations on the Shard to determine the Shard of Finding was in an old manor house so away the party went. On the second night a huge dragon was spotted and fly west leaving behind 2 Wyverns to destroy the heros. Once again it was no problem for the group to dispatch the beasts.


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