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Fiends Bridge Complete
Back to Hommlet/On with White Plume Mountain

After an exhaustive fight with the dwarven half of the bridge keepers, the PC got a short rest before travelling down into the ravine to face the devil, Balicus, whom the bridge collectors where giving sacrifice to. The fight was close but in the end Balicus was killed and now the bridge can be used by all travellers. The group decided to head back to Hommlet to retool and move on to the White Plume Mountain adventure.

Fiends Bridge PT 1
lets wrestle

The new group headed to fiends bridge to find out why the toll is so high and if there is any truth to the rumors of the bridge being built by a demon. They tried to negotiate with the keepers of the bridge, but a lack of a Charismatic leader caused talks to break down and a combat to start. The dwarves on the other side of the bridge have heard the fighting and are beginning to make their way across the bridge to deal with the PC

Dragon MT Complete
Fiends Bridge

The PC exited Dragon Mountain and the village of Glennhollow at the bottom was destroyed by the hatchlings of the Red Dragon Infryana. But just like her the group killed the 5 young red dragons and made their way back to Hommlet… Most everyone picked a different character to take on the next adventure Fiends Bridge.

Dragon MT PT 17

The brave dragonslaying adventurers finished up gathering up the loot from the dragons hoarde, and the mountain began to shake forcing the mages to grab two members of the party and dimension door on outta there. But what about their other 2 friends still stuck in the mountain?

Dragon MT PT 16
16 weeks

After 16 real weeks of game play, the PC finally make it to the Legendary Dragon Infrayna, and in a less than epic battle defeated her. Now what will the PC do with the dragons hoarde of treasures and more magic items than they can carry!

Dragon MT PT 15
space monkeys and stone snakes

THe PC continue to clear out some of the chambers in the 2nd level. This time a massive battle with green fur baboons from another plane of exsistance, and 40 ft long stone snakes.

Dragon MT PT 14
Die Lothar Die

After taking a short rest the PC entered a chamber with some pouch throwing kobolds (bet you’d like to have some of those pouch’s!) but due to being way to loud, Lothar and his party of adventurers heard them and began a fight. Chain Lightning, Cloudkill, firewall, feeblemind, and some other spells where thrown about but in the end the PC emerged victorious and got to take a long rest. OH and Charlie you have to attune to the ring of wizardry but not on your dick! LOL

Dragon MT PT 13
dwarven thrower

The PC thought it was probably a good idea to explore some of the second level of the mountian instead of sticking on the third level where they suspected the dragon to be. More kobolds where slaughtered and the cleric found a nice little trinket called the dwarven thrower.

Last Playtest Packet

Just listened to the Wizards of the Coast press confrence and the last playtest download will come out in September. This means they will begin work on the finished product. For us that means one more change to the characters before the game comes out.

Dragon MT PT 12
Up we go

The Brave adventurers made their way up to the second level of the mountain where a ballista trap was set up and easily handled and then the PC found another path leading upward to a dwarven courtyard. In the courtyard intellect devourers finally provided a challenge for the PC, with their psychic attacks, but ultimatly the PC prevailed.


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