Scroll of Protection from Undead

consumable magic item- one time use


you must know at least one spell to be able to use this scroll
as an action you read this scroll causing a 5-foot-radius sphere around you that moves with you for 5 minutes or until dispelled.
To enter the sphere or target those within a Undead creature must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a fail the creature cannot enter or target those inside on a pass the undead creature is not subject to the effects of the sphere. If you or anyone inside the sphere attacks or casts a spell on an undead creature that creature is assumed to now have passed its save.
Whenever you move as to force an undead creature into the sphere and it fails it save it is pushed back 15 feet, you cannot push into terrain that would be harmful or cause a fall, this causes the effect to end.


Scroll of Protection from Undead

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