Crystal Ball

6" diameter 10lbs clear crystal


used by peering into for at least 10 minutes
user must choose a target(creature, object, or place) and that target can be any distance away or on another plane
At the end of the 10 minutes, the user makes an intelligence check based on the familiarity with the target. Secondhand(you have heard of the target)-DC 20/Firsthand (you have met the target) DC 15/ Familiar (you know the target) DC 10
On a successful check, the ball projects a scrying sensor to within 20 ft of the target.The sensor has the same senses as the user.
The sensor is invisible, starts hidden, and cannot move
any creature within 20 ft of the sensor makes a Wisdom check vs the users DC 15+ his intelligence modifier. On a pass a creature knows it is being watched, and if it can see invisible objects it can see the sensor
Sensor AC 10+users Intelligence modifier, makes saves like the user and has 1hp/ It is immune to all damage except psychic/ If the sensor reaches 0 hp the effects end and the user takes 10d6 psychic damage
The user can end the effects at any time as long as the sensor exsists the user is restrained and cannot take actions except to end the scrying sensor.


Crystal Ball

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