Allistair Sleeman



Allistair Sleeman began his adventuring life in what would eventually be known as the clogged door company as a cleric in the service of the Lord of The Morning, The god Lathander. After several adventures Allistair decided to concentrate his efforts in study of the arcane arts: Magic. Allistair has had many adventures with the CDC including bouts with vampires, dragons, beholders and liches to name a few. Allistair is one of the few surviving founders of the CDC and has gainded significant powers over time. This sometimes causes him to become to bold and he has suffered the consequences of these misteps.

In a fatal battle with the demi-god Sarzec the CDC was transported without many of their memories to a strange land, and they found their way to the quiet little village of Hommlet.

Allister Sleeman has now rejoined with his old partner from the CDC Horndowl The Favorable. The two soon meet Ivan Slicenov in Hommlet and decided to head west to Twin Forks to discover the mysteries of Dragon Mountain. The team was almost killed within a week by a pack of 20 Dire wolves.

The party decided to make their way to nearby Beleme to retrieve a piece of the map. On the road they encountered peasents whom warned of the danger of Beleme and its dark times. The Lord Cavious is cruel and rules with a heavy iron fist, and has imprisoned many of the residents of Beleme. Without fear, the part made their way down the road to a bridge that was guarded by a stone tower and gate wall. The tower and wall where protected by a ballista, 2 trolls, and 16 fighters. They lobbed arrows at the party with little success but when the party crossed the bridge things got moreā€¦ interesting. The guards had dragged a unconsious Orangebottom into the stone tower as prisoner but Allister Sleeman would have none of it and entered after him, where he was surrounded by 3 fighters. Seeing no way out (but not thinking of his necklace of fireballs) he cast a fireball in the 20 by 20 room. One of the beads went off with the spell killing the mighty Alister Sleeman.

Allistair Sleeman

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